Submission Guidelines

UPDATE: We will be opening back up submissions for creative nonfiction and poetry until end of day October 31st. 


The Writers Circle 2 – A Prose and Poetry Anthology

Edited by Nathan Primeau, and Abigail Rabishaw

Submissions Open: May 1st 2019

Submissions Close: Nonfiction and Poetry until October 31st 2019 (Original deadline was August 31st 2019)


The Writers Circle 2 is an anthology that will seek to collect a series of stories (fiction and creative nonfiction) and poems that have various depictions of “ends”. The freedom as to what sort of ends are presented within each story is at the discretion of the writers.



  • Story length between 500 and 7,500 words
  • Poetry minimum of 5 poems and a maximum of 15. We prefer to see a series of poems if you are a contributor considering poetry. The series would also have to follow the theme of "ends"
  • previously unpublished (previous publication on author's Internet platform is acceptable) short stories and poetry



Submissions deadline: August 31st 2019

The Writers Circle series editors Nathan Primeau and Abigail Rabishaw will select stories for inclusion in the anthology.


Submit complete story and poetry manuscripts of respectful criteria to [].


Stories selected for the anthology will be offered a contract for publication. The anthology will be professionally edited and produced. The eBook and paperback will be internationally distributed. The collection will be promoted by Prime Press through social media.



Unfortunately, due to the lack of funds we have as a publisher, we will not be offering monetary compensation for entries within the book. All contributors will be provided with an eBook of the finished anthology. (There will be a possibility of payment in the form of a paperback, but the logistics of this option need to be worked out.)

For those that are not currently members of the private Facebook group where The Writers Circle communicates, they will be granted access to the group. Benefits of membership include peer edits from fellow community members and insider knowledge on further Prime Press/The Writers Circle plans. Oh, and writer memes. Don’t forget the memes.


About the Editors:

Nathan Primeau has a BA in English, with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in film studies from Carleton University. Nathan currently works full-time from home for a tech company, and dreams of one day becoming a full-time writer. Nathan began his love of stories with primarily fantasy and science fiction. However, as Nathan changed, his tastes did as well, and he has found himself on a kick of CanLit and poetry. Some of Nathan’s favourite authors include Stephen King, Thomas King, Leo Brent Robillard, and Teri Vlassopoulos.


Abigail Rabishaw has wanted to be a writer since she fell in love with books at a young age. Abigail found comfort in the worlds created by authors like J.K. Rowling and always had the burning desire to be just like them. Recently having an epiphany of sorts, Abigail decided to switch majors and study English at Carleton University. Instead of being worried about happiness coming from a paycheck, Abigail knew she needed to earn a degree in a field she was passionate about. Abigail loves to read pre-teen, YA, and speculative fiction but is open to reading all sorts of genres including CanLit. Some of Abigail's favourite authors include André Alexis, Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, and J.K. Rowling.


Closing Remarks:

Incomplete submissions and manuscripts, or manuscripts that are discovered not to meet the guidelines of this call, will be automatically rejected. This call will remain open until August 31st, 2019. Except for confirmation of receipt, you should not expect to hear from the series editors unless you have been chosen for publication. Form rejection should be anticipated by authors whose submission does not meet the needs of the editors at this time, but comments and feedback may be offered per the editors’ discretion.

All copyrights will remain with the authors, but Prime Press will retain first publication rights for The Writers Circle 2 anthology. Prime Press will also continue to have the right to publish all selected pieces in the first and continued editions of the collection. After one year of publication, the authors will have the right to submit their articles to other outlets. The book contracts will represent all details.